Markets opened in Yiwu

After the major markets of yiwu opened, more and more web celebrity live broadcast into the market, some shop-owners, shop assistants directly into the battle, merchants become anchors, web celebrity live broadcast "grab" business, become a hot wave in the yiwu market.

In order to promote the integration of online and offline, our city organized activities such as "e-commerce into the market", "righteous goods online", "web celebrity live broadcast warm spring", "online exhibition", etc., organized the city's e-commerce into the market, and carried out precise selection of products, orders and online sales. Market operators set up shop in the e-commerce platform to expand the online market.

Our city attracts live broadcasting platform, web celebrity service agencies and well-known web celebrity to yiwu, to carry out live broadcasting with goods action, to well-known live broadcasting platform, scale of web celebrity service agencies, with its own flow of "web celebrity", in tax, talent purchase, children school to support. Mall group will be 25,000 square meters of the "center", into the web celebrity live industrial park. Under the guidance of the policy, market operators actively change the way of operation, "web celebrity" with goods, live broadcast sales more and more prosperous.

"In the special period of the epidemic, it is particularly important to guide the operators to open up new channels such as online live broadcasting, accelerate the return of buyers and boost the confidence of the market." The person in charge of the mall group said that the outbreak forced business owners to speed up the transformation, "foreign trade export setbacks, many merchants have increased the expansion of the domestic market. Some of them used to only do wholesale, but now they are starting to pay attention to this new way of live broadcasting online."

Post time: Jul-02-2020