Anti-epidemic guarantee policy for enterprises to resume work and production in yiwu international trade city in 2020

As has the "national small department store deep sea" said yiwu city, before the official release of the start of production, yiwu city international trade city also announced the opening of the stock market, zone 1, zone 2 has just started operation. It is understood that in order to assist the provincial company employees to return to work as soon as possible and promote the company to start production, yiwu city established the starting company to return to work leading group.

At noon on the same day, in addition to the bus, 10 working groups were sent to henan, anhui, jiangxi, shaanxi, yunnan, guizhou and other places, the key to undertake the connection with local government agencies, agency staff to do the return trip tasks, and increase the attraction of new employees.

Ensure the promulgation of recommendations

In addition to fighting against the epidemic, the company should adopt strong countermeasures to solve its difficulties, which is not only a necessary measure to stabilize the employment of students, protect people's livelihood and seek development, but also a strong guarantee to win the ambush war against the epidemic. Support for the start-up company, February 16, yiwu city people club bureau of archives and launched the relevant solving new coronavirus pulmonary infection diseases' proposals to ensure that the company labor, subsidies for corporate charter and independent return righteousness staff benefits, the implementation of the shuttle, motivating company multimode enroll new staff and so on to ensure that the current policy to establish one by one:

Give the enterprise charter car subsidy. The city people's government shall subsidize in full amount the use of the rental fee caused by the relatively centralized staff and workers in the place of origin of the company to pick up and pick up the tourist coach or the other methods of sharing the car between companies.

Give autonomy to return righteousness worker subsidize. Before February 22, according to the railway line, train, freight carriage method to the company's employees, train ticket costs full subsidies; For February 23 BBB 0 February 29 to the company's employees, diminishing subsidies. For the self-drive travel back to the righteousness workers, returned before February 22, according to the same region to take the railway line train regulations to give subsidies, there is no railway train, the reference goods transport trolley regulations; February 23 solstice February 29 to righteousness, diminishing subsidies. To old worker brings new worker to righteousness, via company of yiwu city affirming, can enjoy the place that says likewise fill. First-time job seekers are entitled to three days free of charge.

Implement the shuttle. For the staff and workers of the most important companies and regions, the government departments and agencies shall provide special train service, special train service on railway lines, and special train service for professional vehicles. The city people's government shall ensure the full amount of the rental fee.

Give full play to the entrepreneurial service organization. If the enterprise service organization introduces employees and pays social security according to the regulations for non-public companies in our district, if the company introduces about 5 employees at a time, each of them will be subsidized 500 yuan. If 20 people are introduced at a time, each of them will be subsidized 1000 yuan.

Encourage the company to recruit new employees in many ways. My area is not company company recruits the first time to be in righteousness student employment worker immediately and according to the regulation pay social security, give 1000 yuan/the subsidy of the person.

Post time: Jul-02-2020