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After a headset is in hand, we must first praise the headset. For this reason, I believe everyone will know if I don't say it. We can enjoy it after the approbation, but isn't everything going well as long as it is applauded? The answer is no, the quality of some earphones is very good, because we usually use our beloved earphones and die prematurely because we are not careful in using it! Here are some common situations in the process of repairing headphones, and I will give you some maintenance suggestions!
1. It is best not to wear headphones while sleeping. It is absolutely impossible for ordinary people to stay still overnight. After a long time, the headphone cord is either wrapped around the neck or the two cords are twisted together like twists. Some large headphones are even crushed. The 100 and 200 beams are also relatively fragile at the beginning! If some friends say that I can’t sleep if I don’t listen to songs, then it’s best to hang the earphones above your head with a rubber band tied to the earphone cable and hang on the head of the bed. When you tilt your head when you fall asleep, the headset will be "pulled" down, no matter what you turn over, you will not be pressed! The advantage of using rubber bands is that it acts as a buffer when pulling the earphones!
2. After using the earphones, wipe off the sweat on the earphone cable. These things secreted by the human body, containing grease or something, are the invisible killer of the wire, placed in the e2c at the bend of the ear. Over time, the wire will age. , And finally lead to seams and fractures.
3. It is best not to smoke when using headphones. When everyone is not careful, whether it is the earphone shell or the earphone cable is hot, can you not feel bad for hundreds of thousands of oceans? ? ? In addition, soot will enter the earphone shell and stick to the diaphragm, and the sound will be wrong after a long time.
4. Be sure to turn down the volume before use. If the volume of your output device is too loud, it will be ear-sounding, but the film will fold when it is lighter. The worst one burns the voice coil of the headset.
5. Keep the headphones away from strong magnets. The electromagnetic magnetism of the unit decreases, and the sensitivity will decrease over time!
6. The headset is far away from the far end. The internal replacement of the headphone unit will be rusty, the resistance will increase, and your headphones will be biased.
7. Plug part. Some friends like to put mp3 or something in their trouser pockets, the outlet part of the plug is easy to break, and it will break after a long time.










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