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After a headset is in hand, we must first praise the headset. For this reason, I believe everyone will know if I don't say it. We can enjoy it after the approbation, but isn't everything going well as long as it is applauded? The answer is no, the quality of some earphones is very good, because we usually use our beloved earphones and die prematurely because we are not careful in using it! Here are some common situations in the process of repairing headphones, and I will give you some maintenance suggestions!

The compatibility of this product is very strong, covering more than 90% of the digital products on the market now, and the device can be used. Perfect ergonomics, no pain for a long time. It doesn't fall in sports or big movements.

Subwoofer design, more suitable for the ears of young consumers. It can restore the most real sound and make the sound more penetrating. With this headset, you can sell good sound to your heart's content

We have solved the industry pain point, there is no current sound, stability is not stuck. Simple operation and intelligent control.

Music is a borderless art, with headphones, away from the noise of the world, quiet in my own music. Love music, not only pay homage to classic, but also love the pure sound of earphone

The biggest feature of this product is light and simple,This headset improves the audio quality, with rich but not sharp music, and can enjoy listening very well. Clear restore the middle audio segment, transparent and pleasant. At the same time, it can control the airflow of the bass segment, which makes the sound quality smooth and elastic.

It`s adopts the in ear design, perfectly conforms to the ergonomic standard, matches the soft skin friendly silica gel material, gives you the comfort from the inside to the outside. Bring unlimited comfortable music enjoyment.

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New music enjoy life headset headset-R400





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