New music enjoy life headset headset-R100

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A high-quality headset can not only effectively protect our ears, but more importantly, the sound quality it brings can make your ears pregnant in minutes. Nowadays, music has become one of the current methods of decompression, and even a tool for concentration.

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Headphones are a medium for spreading music. Everyone always has a little pursuit for their own earphones. If you think that you can buy your favorite earphones by watching those daily vaunted and deified earphones, then you may be a little naive. The choice of earphones is not as simple as picking carrots and cabbage, nor as complicated as imagined. If you know the selection method, the road to earphones is half done. Look at the type of earphones: When earphones become an indispensable digital accessory in life, many people choose earphone types according to their profession and usage scenarios when choosing earphones, and what types of earphones are available for specific scenarios and different occupations Can you choose? 1.1 Sports: If you are a bodybuilder who exercises every day, sports headphones should naturally be light and comfortable. How to see if the headset is light and comfortable enough? It’s best to look at the material. Generally speaking, the lighter materials are titanium-nickel memory alloy and plastic silicone. These two types of materials are lighter, more flexible, easy to store, and will not bring you anything. Exercise burden. After understanding the material, it is necessary to know the representatives of sports headphones. The more lightweight and comfortable sports earphones are bone conduction earphones and neck-mounted earphones, which use both ears and neck as earphone support, to minimize the load caused by earphones and make exercise easier.

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