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Convenient phone case
Convenient mobile phone case is also a new type of mobile phone case, which is made of imported PC material. The side is made of pure transparent PC material, which can clearly show the side of the phone. The back is designed with a convenient card insertion function, which makes it easy to pick and place commonly used bus cards, bank cards, ID cards and other cards. It also has the function of preventing electromagnetic waves from drying up, allowing people to use bus cards and ID cards to complete them with a single swipe. Bring real convenience to everyone's life and travel.
Shockproof phone case
The shock-proof mobile phone case is a mobile phone protective case with strong shock resistance. It is a mobile phone case made of high-grade non-toxic and odorless environmentally friendly silicone material. Because it is made of silicone, it is soft and tough, not easy to deform and fade, and durable. It uses a unique four-corner hollow design to reduce the violent impact when the phone is on the ground. It has been professionally tested for shock resistance to reduce the impact by 80%, and the appearance is designed according to ergonomics, which is convenient to hold and hold.

The compatibility of this product is very strong, covering more than 90% of the digital products on the market now, and the device can be used. Perfect ergonomics, no pain for a long time. It doesn't fall in sports or big movements.


Subwoofer design, more suitable for the ears of young consumers. It can restore the most real sound and make the sound more penetrating. With this headset, you can sell good sound to your heart's content

We have solved the industry pain point, there is no current sound, stability is not stuck. Simple operation and intelligent control.

Music is a borderless art, with headphones, away from the noise of the world, quiet in my own music. Love music, not only pay homage to classic, but also love the pure sound of earphone

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