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Daily entertainment: In daily life, who doesn’t have a little entertainment of their own, playing TV shows and playing games is a daily entertainment activity. If you want a better entertainment experience, immerse yourself in your own world. Then choose headphones with better sound insulation. Headphones generally have comfortable earmuffs that wrap the ears, which can strongly isolate external noise, bring a comfortable wearing experience under the premise of noise reduction, and bring attention to use.

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Commuter business: For business people or taxi drivers who have to drive to work every day, it is indispensable to navigate and listen to voice. At this time, you need to choose a mono Bluetooth headset with a clear call. The advantage of a unilateral Bluetooth headset is that it can monitor the sound of the surrounding environment while ensuring clear listening. In order to facilitate the operation, when choosing a commuter business headset, it is best to choose a headset that can be completely separated from the mobile phone. This will make it more convenient to commute or drive outdoors and reduce certain safety hazards. Wired connection: Wired earphones are usually directly plugged into the earphone jack of the mobile phone to use. The sound quality of wired earphones is often better than that of wireless earphones. Why? Because wired headphones do not need to consider the transmission rate and environmental signal issues, the audio will not be compressed and can directly achieve lossless transmission. Wired headsets have been developed for so many years, and the technology must be more mature than wireless Bluetooth headsets. So for current music enthusiasts, no matter how mature the Bluetooth technology is, they will basically not choose wireless headphones. However, as the name suggests, the wired headset is the "wired" that most affects the user experience. The headset cable is easy to knot and entangle, and it is very difficult to straighten out. The cable will also bring obstacles to movement when busy. Therefore, wired earphones can only be used for daily entertainment and listening. It is best not to use wired earphones when commuting to work. It is easy to cause safety risks when there are many people. Purchase advice: If you usually like to exercise or commute often, it is recommended to choose wireless headphones without cable constraints; if you are a sound enthusiast or just use it for daily entertainment, you can consider choosing a Bluetooth headset with better sound quality.

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