New music enjoy life headset headset-E300

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The specific applications involved in industrial wireless headsets include the following aspects: site construction such as overhead lifting equipment, airline ground crews, auction industry, fire protection, petroleum exploration and mining, and large industrial equipment operations, training and other occasions.
These occasions generally have the following characteristics: there may be a certain degree of danger, or operation errors will bring unpredictable consequences, information is grasped immediately, and the environment is noisy to avoid misunderstandings, etc. This puts forward more targeted requirements on the structure, material or circuit design of the headset. It can still show relatively good communication effects in complex and harsh environments with strong noise and strong electromagnetic radiation such as turbine engine test rooms, electric pumps, toxic environments, and a large number of reinforced concrete structures that hinder normal communication, such as exchanges.

The biggest feature of this product is light, simple, high and low three tone, feel the touch of details, high quality sound quality, present more music details, let you experience the charm of good sound. It can simulate the sound field of three-dimensional space, retain the characteristics of each timbre, make music play incisively and vividly, and let the earphone be the transmitter of music.

This headset improves the audio quality, with rich but not sharp music, and can enjoy listening very well. Clear restore the middle audio segment, transparent and pleasant. At the same time, it can control the airflow of the bass segment, which makes the sound quality smooth and elastic.

This product adopts the in ear design, perfectly conforms to the ergonomic standard, matches the soft skin friendly silica gel material, gives you the comfort from the inside to the outside. Bring unlimited comfortable music enjoyment.

New music enjoy life headset headset-E300

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