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The development of the headset is towards wireless and noise reduction. Wireless headphones are more free to use. With the development of technology, wireless transmission technology has gradually matured to ensure the sound quality of wireless headphones. Another reason is the popularization of mobile phone music functions and the birth of Bluetooth wireless transmission technology. Bluetooth wireless headsets are developing rapidly.
As the noise pollution in the city becomes more and more serious, using ordinary earphones outdoors can only increase the volume to cover the noise. This will not only prevent you from enjoying beautiful music, but also have a great impact on your hearing. The emergence of noise-canceling headphones has solved this problem.
Active noise reduction headphones have a noise reducer. The noise reducer uses a microphone to collect external sounds and emit opposite sound waves to counteract the noise. Today, when people are more and more concerned about their health, noise-canceling headphones can better enjoy music outdoors and ensure the health of their ears. This is the direction of the future of headphones. Active noise-cancelling earphones have been specially designed for travelers, with wireless, noise reduction and high sound quality. Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX can provide up to 10 hours of music listening time.

This headset improves the audio quality, with rich but not sharp music, and can enjoy listening very well. Clear restore the middle audio segment, transparent and pleasant. At the same time, it can control the airflow of the bass segment, which makes the sound quality smooth and elastic.

This product adopts the in ear design, perfectly conforms to the ergonomic standard, matches the soft skin friendly silica gel material, gives you the comfort from the inside to the outside. Bring unlimited comfortable music enjoyment.


New music enjoy life headset headset-c7002

New music enjoy life headset headset-c700

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