Professional tuning headset-modelC600

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For modern young people, what is a headset? The earphone is a pair of conversion units. It accepts the electrical signal sent by the media player or receiver, and converts it into audible sound waves using a speaker close to the ear. The headset is generally detachable from the media player and conn

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So what is the sound quality of headphones? What is the sound quality of headphones? There are some ways to evaluate speakers for measuring headphones, but the sense of hearing of headphones is different from that of speakers. The sound waves emitted by speakers are attenuated and interfered in the air, interacting with human heads and ears, and the sound of headphones directly enters the ears.

The sound quality of a headset is more important than its technical performance. Because the shape of the human head and ears are different, a pair of headsets will have different hearing feelings for different people, so the recommendation can only be used as a reference. If you have the opportunity, you must listen in person Only then can you really feel the sound of the headset.

What is a high-fidelity headset? The main performance of the high-fidelity headset recommended in the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC581-10 document is: the frequency range is not less than 50Hz-12500Hz, and the best frequency response of the current dynamic headset is about 5-45,000Hz; the allowable error of the typical frequency response is positive and negative 3dB; the slope of the frequency response curve does not exceed 9dB per octave; within 250Hz-800Hz, the difference between the average sound pressure level of the left and right units within the same octave bandwidth does not exceed 2dB; within the range of 100Hz-5000Hz, the sound pressure level is 94dB Harmonic distortion is not more than 1% when it is at a time, and not more than 3% when it is 100db; the biggest advantage of headphones over speakers is in details. Actually listening to an excellent pair of headphones should have good sound analysis, rich details, and no audible distortion; low frequency Powerful and clear, effectively controlled; the entire frequency band should be smooth and flat, the low frequency is not warm, and the high frequency is not cold. For any pair of headphones, the tri-band cannot be perfect. Smooth and natural connection between them is the most important

Professional tuning headset-modelC600

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