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For modern young people, what is a headset? The earphone is a pair of conversion units. It accepts the electrical signal sent by the media player or receiver, and converts it into audible sound waves using a speaker close to the ear. The headset is generally detachable from the media player and connected with a plug. The advantage is that you can listen to the sound alone without affecting others; or the sound of the surrounding environment. For recording studios, bars, travel, sports, etc., headphones are originally used on phones and radios, but they can be portable With the prevalence of electronic devices, earphones are mostly used in mobile phones, walkmans, radios, portable video games and digital audio players.
The following are the most common cases of headset use
(1) The perfect office headset emphasizes two main tasks: a high degree of comfort and a good sound insulation effect, so you can enjoy the sound all day without complaints, but please don't be too focused on some leisure moments.
(2) The headsets used for business trips and long-distance flight scenarios are almost the same as office headsets, but generally speaking wireless will make you more convenient, and their prices are usually between leisure and luxury.
(3) Gaming headsets are a unique variety. They absolutely do not need good sound quality, but good sound must have several important performances: the position of the sound is presented in a clear and precise way, so that the player can directly understand the footsteps or the upcoming The source of incoming gunfire and other things. The other thing is the bass: when you listen to them with generous bass, the game is more interesting, amplifying the impact and explosion effects on the screen.
(4) Headphones used during exercise are a common thing. They need to be durable enough to withstand sweat, rain and accidental drops. They are simple enough to protect you from a bunch of cables. A small infinite Bluetooth headset is best choice.

New music enjoy life headset headset-C4 New music enjoy life headset headset-C42 New music enjoy life headset headset-C4.

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