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Tips for headphone maintenance 1
Do not wear headphones when sleeping
Maybe some people like to put on headphones before going to bed in order to better fall asleep. But have you ever thought that when you sleep at night, it is impossible to say that you will not turn over overnight. After a long time, the earphone cord will be wrapped around your neck, and sometimes the two earphone cords will be twisted together, and even the shell will be ours. His body was crushed, especially with fragile materials. In order to extend the service life of the headset, it is best to take off the headset before going to sleep.
Do not smoke with headphones
Maybe some people have a habit of smoking when using headphones. However, everyone will not pay attention. The falling soot can easily burn the surface of the earphones, ear cords, and even enter the earplugs, and may stick to the diaphragm. After a long time, the sound will be different. Variety. Therefore, it is best to separate the use of headphones and smoking.
Turn down to a low volume before use
Before using the headset, it is best to turn down its volume. This is because if the volume of your output equipment is very high, not only our headphones will not be able to stand it, but the diaphragm of the headphones will also be wrinkled, and in serious cases, the voice coil will burn out. In fact, the simple action of turning down the volume can achieve the purpose of better protection.
Keep away from strong magnets
In addition, earphones should be far away from strong magnets, which means strong magnets and strong magnetic fields. If it is in contact for a long time, the magnetism of the magnet in the earphone unit will be reduced to a certain extent. Over time, its sensitivity will be very low, which will affect its sound quality.

New music enjoy life headset headset-C1.

New music enjoy life headset headset-C1

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